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Diecast Drift Cars


Diecast Drift Cars

Diecast Drift Cars


Diecast Drift Cars


HPI Ready to Run Electric RC Drift Car Toyota Trueno

The New Toyota Trueno RC Drift Car is a great drift car to start with. Comes with a fully painted body and already assembled for you  just charge the battery and you are ready to drift.

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Getting started with your Rc Drift Car

What path will you choose ? An electic rc drift car or a nitro rc drift car. Picking out a electric rc drift car will be your best choice if you are a beginner drifter, its Easy to maintain and will give you A better drift for your money. As for nitro Rc drift cars you will need more maintance and will be a little harder to maneuver. But don't get me wrong a nitro car are fun to race with the engine power it gives you and the speeds that they can reach are awsome.

Which drifting cars can I pick ? You can use touring cars and turning them into a drift car, With the right tires. We suggest  buying a already built drifting cars you will have everything you need and you can always upgrade your parts and accessories.

Building your own is another choice you will need to make sure you have a good shaft drive for good throttle response. In good drifting cars they use four wheel drive making it easy and smooth to drift on the track.

Here are some popular Rc drift cars to chose from:

Toyota Trueno

Mazda RX7

Now chosing your style. The difference between Rc racing cars and Rc drifting cars are they are more tricked out to show off as in brighter colors and graphics. They use neon lighting, strobes for the head lights, Rc racing cars are made for speed. Well drift cars are more showing off your new creations. If you are in the need for speed and Rc racing cars are more your style. Coming soon we will carry a wide range of rc racing cars for you to race and build.

Let's Learn How to Drift Here is A Video You Can Learn From By hpi rc cars:

Ready Set Go!

Check out our about us page to find out how Rc drift cars started and please use our contact page for any questions or comments. we would like to hear from you. Now you have all the right information lets get started and find your rc drift car and parts lets drift


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Drift Battle the next installment in the critically acclaimed On the Scene series documenting the import automotive movement. Drift Battle depicts the evolution of the drifting scene in the United States featuring full blown national competitions and exciting head-to-head tandem battles




HPI Ready to Run Electric RC Drift Car Mazda RX7

The New ready to run Mazada Rx7  is one of are most popular drift cars with its awesome paint job. This is a great car to show off on the streets. 

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